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Watch out for sh*t!

Have you ever become frustrated by your inability to tell if the content (articles, tweets, facebook posts, etc.) you are reading on the internet is actually real? With so many voices contributing to the vast quantity of content available on the internet, how do we know which sources we should trust, and which to dismiss? This where poopicorn comes in to poop.
Downloadable plugin coming soon!

How we poop?

To find out if the content you are currently viewing is shitty or not, we have modelled articles from known fake and real news sources. Using state-of-the-art LSTM neural networks with an attention mechanism, we have developed a plugin that is able to detect what you are reading is good shirt or, well, just shit.

Poop-o-meter shows which news to avoid because it's just poop
The poopicorn dashboard


The dashboard gives a quick overview of the recent incoming poop-check requests, the top 5 viral content's credibility and also giving some poopscores for the recurrning popular websites, based on their truthy / falsy news.

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